september 2018

Erin goes to Lubec, Maine with choreographer Randee Paufve for research for a new dance and film collaboration “Where Are You Going, Where Did You Go?”

august 2017

Erin contributes an essay on the topic of "making it" to Stance on Dance :

august 2017

Erin goes to Lisbon, Portugal to continue research and development with dancer, performer & longtime collaborator Daria Kaufman on a film on borrowed and stolen identities.

may 2017

Steadfast Body, Marshmallow Heart was invited to be screened at the Szerpentin Dance Film Festival in Budapest, Hungary. Dates of the festival are May 17-19.

march 2017

Erin's small film Warm Wheels, created with Malinda LaVelle (Project Thrust) will be screened at the 5th Anniversary of the Tiny Dance Film Festival, held March 25 & 26 at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco

january 2017

Erin taught a masterclass in choreography at her alma mater, Western Michigan University, on January 25. 

november 2016

Erin created a new music video for Angela Morris' Rallidae for her album 'Turned, and Was.' For more information, visit

july 2016

In collaboration with visual artist Ian Heisters, Erin has done cinematography for his ongoing installation, 297 Gestures Upon the Body. Watch this space for details about upcoming events. 

 297 Gestures Upon the Body

297 Gestures Upon the Body

May-june 2016

Erin was awarded a scholarship for her residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, FL. She was an Associate Artist studying under Ian Winters about interactive art. 

december 2015

Erin was a guest lecturer at the University of Bristol in the UK, speaking to students in the Department of Theatre on the subject of interactive projections.

march 2015

Erin was awarded an "Izzie" (Isadora Duncan Dance Award) in San Francisco for her participation in the visual design of Mary Armentrout's Reveries & Elegies, in conjunction with Mary Armentrout and Ian Winters

2012 - present

Erin is currently in an extended period of research and development of a new, cinematic project. Originally conceived as a theatrical performance work, it is centered around a woman who gets copied so many times that the original version of herself vanishes. This project has been developed at the inaugural residency of the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance in 2015, and at a residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in 2016.


In collaboration with Esmeralda Kundanis-Grow (EKGROW), Erin has done cinematography for her short dance film, Self D i s t i l l a t i o n, which premiered at the Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema in 2016.