Quake (2014)

Beneath the ground, beneath our skin...

Steely. Blue. Electric. Fine. A sense of floating while remaining on the ground. Quake is an experimental dance film, a rite of passage. It is a physical exploration of geophysics and plate tectonics.

Premiere: Topanga Film Festival 2014 

Length: 5:25

Cast: Katharine Hawthorne, Daria Kaufman, Stacey Swan

Upcoming screenings:

  • April 16 - Avavaya Contemporary Dance Festival, Pune India, April 2015
  • April 25 - Tiny Dance Film Festival, San Francisco, CA, April 2015

Past screenings:

  • Quake pre-release screening, Roxie Theater (San Francisco) 2014
  • Topanga Film Festival Dance Film Showcase 2014
  • Milkbar Salon, November 2014

Quake is listed privately on Vimeo and is available to view upon request

Daria Kaufman

Daria Kaufman

Storyboard art by Doruk Golcu

Storyboard art by Doruk Golcu