quake (2014)

Beneath the ground, beneath our skin...

Steely. Blue. Electric. Fine. A sense of floating while remaining on the ground. Quake is an experimental dance film, a rite of passage. It is a physical exploration of geophysics and plate tectonics.

Premiere: Topanga Film Festival 2014 

Length: 5:25

Cast: Katharine Hawthorne, Daria Kaufman, Stacey Swan

Past screenings:

  • Salamanca Moves Festival, Hobart, Tasmania, AUS, September 2016
  • Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, FL, May 2016
  • Bluescreen at the Cube Multiplex, Bristol, UK, December 2015
  • Tiny Dance Film Festival, San Francisco, CA, April 2014
  • Avavaya Contemporary Dance Festival, Pune, India, April 2014
  • Milkbar Salon, Oakland, CA, November 2014
  • Topanga Film Festival Dance Film Showcase, Topanga, CA, July 2014
  • Quake pre-release screening, Roxie Theater (San Francisco) 2014
Daria Kaufman

Daria Kaufman

Storyboard art by Doruk Golcu

Storyboard art by Doruk Golcu