If you are interested in working with Erin, she is available for commission on the following types of projects in film and video:

  • Demo / reel editing

  • Film editing

  • Film directing

  • Cinematography

  • music videos

  • Performance documentation

  • Staging and choreography for film

  • Video design for performance

  • lectures on video design in performance and dance for camera

Music video for Ralliae (Brooklyn, NY), choreographed, directed & edited by Erin Malley


Erin currently works on projects in the US and in Europe in a number of capacities, and she is open to a breadth of project types. Her extensive background in dance brings a unique sensibility to her visual aesthetic, timing, color and focus. She is able to visually learn choreography and is sensitive to its nuances as she shoots in film and performance; similarly she is able to tightly edit movement fluidly. She enjoys drawing visual connections in seemingly unrelated moments, and creating a choreography within the edit. 

Contact Erin for information on rates and availability using the "connect with me" page on this site. 

Video edit / highlight reel for Randee Paufve (SF Bay Area)

"Erin Malley is a video editing goddess.  She was put to the test by some very challenging video stock I sent her way; with extraordinary patience and expertise, Erin managed to spin gold from straw, taking what I thought was hopeless footage and rendering a highlight video that made fall in love with my work all over again.  A beautiful dancer and passionate dance artist herself, Erin has a sixth seventh and eighth sense about editing video.   If you are not yet convinced, hear this:  Erin is fun, kind, punctual, personable, professional, diligent, and offers very fair pricing for her exemplary work.  Really, there are not enough words.  Erin Malley = wow. "

- Randee Paufve / Paufve|Dance

“For a little over half a year, Erin and I worked together on a video design collaboration for my solo show POR·TRAI·TURE. While her own artistry and aesthetic is wonderfully defined, she was incredibly sensitive to learning about mine and wanting to create something that represented the both of us. Having never worked with a video designer before, I found the whole experience fantastically fruitful, fulfilling, and not intimidating at all. Erin’s professionalism and consistency provided me a level of ease and trust in an area that I knew little about. The finished product exceeded all of my expectations and I sincerely hope to work again with Erin in the future. ”

 - Lindsey Renee Derry/L i n s d a n s