Artist Statement

I create imaginative dance films and choreography in which visual imagery takes precedence. Cinema has been an inspiration to me, long before I began to work in this medium, and has influenced the timing/pacing of my works, the distances from which they are best received (some from up close, some from far away), and the transitions between ideas (sometimes long and gradual, and sometimes very rapid).

My pieces exhibit a broad stylistic range, and are not bound by a specific vocabulary or movement style of dance. Physically, I tend towards percussive movement; abstract, detailed gestures that are subconsciously recognizable; and spatial patterns that suggest relationships between the performer(s) and audience. The subject that engages me most deeply is the space within us and between us, and the theater of that negative space played out over time.

For the last few years, I have been fascinated by the multiplication of character as a different way to explore inner conflict and tension - placing what is inside on the outside. The United States, my country of birth, claims to prize individuality and diversity, yet we actively lean towards the homogenized and fear dissonance - even inside of ourselves. We are also constantly in the process of remaking ourselves - as though we could cram 9 lives into the one that we have.

In my work, I am interested in exposing these different ways that internal dissonance manifest through the external multiplication of the physical body. I want to expose that, within these supremely human conflicts, we are everyone, anyone and no one at the same time.

Photo by Ira Schrank

Photo by Ira Schrank


Erin Malley was the Founder and Artistic Director of Malleable Dance Theater, a non-profit organization in New York, NY from 2007-2011, and has continued to choreograph and direct independently from 2012-onwards.

Her choreography has been presented at venues such as the Prague International Dance Festival, fFIDA (Toronto), Joe's Pub at the DanceNow Festival (NYC), HERE Arts Center (NYC), and Dance Place (Washington, DC), ODC (San Francisco) and CounterPULSE (SF).

In 2013, Malley turned her attention towards dance film, and has created three short films, Steadfast Body, Marshmallow Heart, Quake, Warm Wheels (co-created with Malinda LaVelle) and one music video, Sea Ice, for the band Rallidae (Brooklyn). Her film work has screened worldwide, throughout the United states, and as far as the UK, India and Tasmania. She has entered into a number of cross-disciplinary cinematic collaborations with Ian Smith-Heisters, Randee Paufve, EKGrow, Shadowlight Productions, Daria Kaufman and Lindsey Derry. 

Malley won a 2015 'Izzie' award in Visual Design for her contributions to Mary Armentrout's Reveries and Elegies. She is the recipient of the 2013 Western Michigan University Department of Dance Alumni Academy award. She graduated with a BFA in Dance and French from Western Michigan University (2001) and was the Presidential Scholar in Dance of her graduating class. Post-graduation, she continued her studies for one year at the Centre Choregraphique National de Montpellier in France.